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Plans from Duck Trap

Lapstrake Canoes

Please note that information on plans pages will be scant while we are trying to get our site back up and in operation. Should you have questions in the meantime, please email us. Thanks for understanding.

15' Lapstrake Canoe

Our Lapstrake Canoes are a particular joy to build and use. They go together just like a much heavier lapstrake boat, but the scantlings are small and light enough that very little is needed in the way of clamps and specialized tooling. That cuts the cost of their construction and the time required appreciably. They can be built glued lapstrake using 6mm marine ply or traditional 1/4” planking–the one above is cedar planked–and steam bent White Ash ribs.


To the left is a 13-footer. Like the one above she is cedar planked with steamed ash ribs and floors and mahogany trim.

Lapstrake canoes are extremely fast and able, easily driven with their jointed double paddle. If you want speed it's there. If you'd rather laze along a pond looking for ducks like Mari and Ben are doing in the photo, they excel at that as well.


Unlike canvas covered canoes these have stability more akin to seagoing Double Enders.That's because of the shape of their 'midship section and the fact that the occupant's weight is centered close to the keel.

13' Lapstrake Canoe Seabreeze

And this is Megantic, a glued lapstrake 15-footer. Note the absence of steamed ribs.

Glued lapstrake canoes are built with 6mm Okoume marine plywood planking which has appreciably more diagonal strength than White Cedar, allowing the plank laps to be epoxied.

Oddly, the weight of a glued lap canoe is nearly equal to that of one traditionally planked. Finished weight is governed by materials choices and to a lesser degree by the finish, but generally speaking you can figure that a 13' canoe weighs about 45 pounds, a 15' model about 55 pounds, and a 17' model right around 65 pounds.


Plans consist of lines and offsets, construction plan and a full size body plan so you can get out your moulds directly without having to do the layout work.

13' Lapstrake Canoe plan is US45.   

                      15' Lapstrake Canoe plan is is US45.                                          


                      And we also offer full size plank patterns for the 15-footer US$65

                                                                                                              17' Lapstrake Canoe Plan is US$45

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