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Plans from Duck Trap
Matinicus Double Ender

Please note that information on plans pages will be scant while we are trying to get our site back up and in operation. Should you have questions in the meantime, please email us. Thanks for understanding.

The Matinicus (ma-TIN-i-cus) Double Ender is the quintessential Maine workboat. Designed for lobstering close to shore, these boats can handle rough seas with the easiest motion I have ever known. Note the standing oarlocks in this one. Standing to row is the absolute best way to see down into the water and avoid rocks. It is also comfortable to row standing facing forward. The standing horns are an option selected by this particular owner. More often the ones that emerge from our shop are fitted with two rowing positions with standard oarlocks and sockets. Either way these are exceptional pulling boats. She also sails of course, with a loose footed sprit rig that is simplicity itself.


Her plans consist of lines and offsets, construction plan, and sail plan. There are two versions: like the one above with a vertical keel, and another with a plank keel. The plank keel is not anywhere near as wide as a wherry keel, but it is wide enough to enable you to install a centerboard case directly on the hull centerline should you be so inclined.  US 85 + postage

This will be described fully elsewhere on this site eventually, but for now you should know that we offer the book, The Matinicus Double Ender. It's part of our Boatbuilding in Pictures Series and leads you through the layout, construction, finishing, and rigging of these beautiful boats. Experience the entire process through 299 pages and 404 color photos. US$85.

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