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Plans from Duck Trap
Duck Trap Wherry

Please note that information on plans pages will be scant while we are trying to get our site back up and in operation. Should you have questions in the meantime, please email us. Thanks for understanding.

The very first Duck Trap Wherry to emerge from our shop was 18' overall–cedar planked over an oak backbone and steam bent ribs and trimmed out in mahogany. Yes, we made the oars as well. Plans for those are available too. We also build them glued lapstrake like the one shown at right. That particular one has 6mm Okoume marine plywood planking and weighs less than 100 pounds.

Designed in 1980, she's is very much a clipper (lightened) version of our Newfoundland Trap Skiff. Designed initially as a light pulling boat, it didn't take long before someone wanted one that would sail too. When all was said and done we had built models from 13' to 18' and had designed several different sail rigs. The plans are for a 16' boat, though the offsets are valid for any of those lengths with no need for modification other than adjusting the station spacing proportionally.

This boat does it all. Better yet, she's the easiest to build of all our wherries. And we even offer a book that details her building all the way through.

The plans consist of lines and offsets, construction plan and combination sail plan.  US$85 + postage

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