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Duck Trap Woodworking

For the uninitiated, loftings are the lines of the boat drawn full size. Lofting is an integral part of the boatbuilding process in that it not only proves that the plans are accurate, but furnishes you with actual size depictions various parts of the hull, notably the backbone members of stem keel, and transom. It also contains the body plan from which the moulds will be made.


Lofting takes time, of course, a commodity that seems to be becoming increasingly scarce. If your time is limited or you just don’t want to be bothered with building a lofting board and working up the lines of your boat up to full size, then an already completed lofting makes good sense. We use them ourselves.


This page includes other things as well that are also drawn full size–Lap Clamp plans and Oarmaking plans for example. All of them are black line prints on 36” wide 24# white paper. Most are on a single sheet.

14' Lincolnville Salmon Wherry

14'  Curved Stern Duck Trap Wherry

15' Duck Trap Wherry

16' Duck Trap Wherry

15' Christmas Wherry

4' Littlest Wherry Cradle Boat

19'3" Newfoundland Trap Skiff

10'7" Rhodes Wherry

Rhodes Wherry Plank Patterns (10'-7" boat)

16' Matinicus Double Ender

10'6" Sunshine Yacht Tender

12' Harbor Skiff

Harbor Skiff Plank Patterns

9'7" Maine Skiff

7' Skiff Youth Bed

4' Littlest Yacht Tender Cradle or Coffee Table

17' Ducktrap Launch

18' Downeast Double Ender

13' Lapstrake Canoe

15' Lapstrake Canoe

15' Canoe Plank Patterns

17' Lapstrake Canoe

Lap Clamps

7', 8', & 9' Oarmaking Plan

7'10"Alli8 Sailing Pram

12'10" Great Island Rowboat

15' Express Wherry

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